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About Us

Who are we?                                                    KIDS 580x360

The founder and creator of this site is Maggie Williams, who holds credentials as a School Psychologist and a Licensed Educational Psychologist.  She collaborates and consults with a variety of professionals on an ongoing basis. These are professionals in the fields of education and counseling whose passion is making a difference! This list includes, but is not limited to:  counselors, occupational therapists, reading specialists, school psychologists, speech and language therapists, and teachers.


 Why no ads?

Parents Learn is a site committed to providing a free resource without ads. Why? We find ads to be distracting. While a lot of time and money went into building that site, we're committed to keeping this site ad-free despite the financial advantage ads would provide.


What to expect?

Check back each week!  We're continually updating the content and will be adding various products and services that are requested by visitors. An example of future products are inexpensive, themed PDF books.